Music Welcomes You


I know such a word don't exist in any human vocabulary. But abstractly, it exists in my mind. Basically the root word of it is MUSIC. Everyone knows music irregardless of culture, race, color and ancestry. It may be as simple as a whisper to as complicated as a compilation of different music sheets.

Musicholism is the brainchild of a music fanatic and addict by the name of Angel. For 23 years of human existence, she had appreciated music. Moreover, she is still yet an infant in the realm of such wide universe. She is more of a listener. She
dances with the music's rhythm, sings with the music's melody, and appreciates the music's beauty.

This blog takes on collision with what she knew and what she intends to portray. But if you love music whom she humbly felt is within one's heart then you are welcome to see, browse and react.


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