Caramelldansen: The Craze Dance

It was like love upon hearing. The cutie cute tune is so addicting that I so can't get it out from my head. Our first encounter is when my boyfriend told me that a particular haruhi cosplay group would be dancing to the tune of *drum rolls* Caramelldansen.

Swedish Version:

We immediately search it in youtube and to my surprise, various versions had been published in accordance to the original Swedish version. Not only that, anime characters irregardless of genre were also in the videos with their cute dance moves dancing their hips away.

Funny I don't understand the lyrics but nonetheless the melody and its harmony was addicting and it still is even if heard this a hundred times already. My addiction to such even paved the way of imitating their ultra difficult dance moves with their cute little costumes. But I think I need a choreographer to catch their moves.

English Version:

Now a version I can finally understand! Whoever translated it, I so appreciate his/her inner translation goodness.

Women are you ready to join us now?
Hands in the air, we will show you how.
Come and try,
Caramell will be your guide (be your guide)

So come and move your hips sing
Look at you two hips do it
You and me, can sing this melody


Dance to the beat,
Wave your hands together
Come feel the heat, forever and forever.
Listen and Learn
It is time for prancing,
Now we are here with Caramel Dancing


Funny the English version video is so easy to dance with considering a few moves and both hands above your head. With three little cute anime girls and the harmony it sure is perfect.

Now, here's a video my boyfriend and I had been prying all these time. And who would not be when there are chibis all over the video dancing to this tune with few dancing moves. The dance routines you would see in here would be the one's me and my boyfriend are currently practicing hoping to inculcate in a music video soon. I just hope we got the right dose of confidence and a video camera to back us up.

Have fun and together let's dance!


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